Welcome to blackspinglobal.com – the tennis website solely dedicated to celebrating black players on both the WTA and ATP tours

Eugene the creator here – and that’s not my rap name. (Big fan of that guy though – Tyler, that is.)

But back to why we’re here. I initially launched Black Spin Global on Twitter and Instagram in January 2019 and I’m so happy to finally bring it to life online.

I played tennis quite seriously in my teens and had dreams of making it pro but, unfortunately, that didn’t happen. I rarely saw any black players competing at the tournaments I entered and I was the only black junior player at my local club in south-west London. Yeah, I’m from England.

Watching tennis was just as important to me as playing. I closely followed and long admired the likes of Venus and Serena Williams, James Blake, Gael Monfils and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

The aforementioned names are all champions in their own right – one is arguably the greatest to ever do it – and to their credit, all (apart from retired Blake) are still competing at the highest level today.

To quote Wale: “Sue me, I’m rooting for everybody that’s black.” I was doing so in my teens and I’ve taken it up a few notches with the creation of this platform.

“Celebrating black excellence in professional tennis” is the official Black Spin Global slogan, but it’s much deeper than that. Tennis is a predominantly white sport globally – at club level right up to the pro ranks. 

Black players make up just 5% of the current ATP top 100. That number is nearly doubled in the WTA top 100, currently at 9%. That’s five black players inside the top 100 in men’s tennis and nine black players inside the top 100 in the women’s game.

Just like the social media pages, blackspinglobal.com will feature in-depth content that shines a light on these black players, the ones on the come up and the juniors making noise on the ITF circuit.

I’m also excited to announce the launch of Black Spin Global: The Podcast, which I’ll be hosting fortnightly alongside my mixed doubles partner @LucyyKT. Look out for the launch episode dropping in the coming days.

I’m hoping to inspire, encourage and enlighten a generation of kids who previously would not have seen any opportunities in tennis. I don’t want them to be put off by the scarcity of black players currently in the game.

Instead, I want them to see tennis as a sport they too can try their hand at, thanks largely to the pros currently doing it at the highest level – and in part thanks to the coverage provided on this platform.

Thanks for reading.

One thought

  1. Man, you have such a great and inspirational projetc… I follow you on Instagram and I really like your posts and photos.
    I will also follow this website because you write about on of my favorites things to do: celebrating black excellence on tennis! Thanks for sharing this great information.

    Best wishes,

    Marcelo, from Brazil

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